Justice League – Mutants & Masterminds AP


Batman: Weird

Heiress and GCU student Vivian Breyfogle is missing. Only the Dark Knight can uncover the truth behind her bizarre disappearance.


Batman: Weird is a Mutants & Masterminds RPG actual play.

Main Event

Justice League: Immortal Coil

The Justice League has uncovered a conspiracy and now must race against the clock to stop a threat that, if left unchecked, could destroy the entire world.



Jayson King – Superman

Brandon Williams – Aquaman

Brandi Williams – Green Lantern: Jessica Cruz

Mike Bridges – Green Lantern: Simon Baz

Brandon Irwin – Batman

Shannon Steele – Wonder Woman

Dan Helderman – The Flash


Written & Directed by Eric Ausley

Theme music by Yens Keelstoft

Mutants & Masterminds is property of Green Ronin Publishing

Batman is property of DC Comics

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