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What do we do?

We produce Role-Play Dramas, Actual Plays and Audio Dramas.

What is that?

Audio Dramas are scripted dramatizations. Think of the radio shows of old. Voice actors play the roles and the story is enhanced with music and sound effects.

They focus on the telling of a story that was scripted for the actors to play.

Actual Plays are recordings of role-playing game sessions that highlight the feel of sitting at the table with a group of people and sharing a collaborative storytelling experience.

They focus on game play, rules and table interaction.

Role-Play Dramas combine the aspects of Audio Drama and Actual Play. Game sessions are recorded, then edited to remove non-story components. The players at the table play the protagonists while the GM’s non-player characters (or NPCs) dialog is replaced by voice actors. The production is enhanced with music and sound effects.

They focus on the telling of a story, much like an audio drama, but elements of the game are retained to highlight the spontaneity and collaboration of the table experience.

Production Categories:


Feature productions are series of Role-Play Dramas, Actual Plays, and Audio Dramas that comprise complete stories. Many are in excess of six-hours in length and generally broken into serialized episodes.

These are fully realized story arcs with an emphasis on character driven, or epic scale plot-driven stories.


Short productions are Role-Play Dramas, Actual Plays and Audio Dramas that are contained in a smaller package. Usually these productions are two-to-three hours long and broken into a mini-series of episodes.

These are usually plot-driven stories with few character sub-plots.


1-Shot productions are just that, one-time recordings clocking in at approximately an hour.

These are used to showcase a particular game or setting.