The Stygian Fragment: Call of Cthulhu Role-Play Drama

Stygian Fragment

Clarence Rouse – Brandon Williams
Julia Barnes – Shannon Steele
Evan Leary – Mike Bridges
Jack Houston Smith – Jayson King
Finn Lockwood – Daniel Helderman
Robert Covington – Shawn King
Narrator – David Dobrev
Betty Harrison – Chasity Cueto
Dorian Daily – Greg Cueto
Phone Priest – “Keeper” Dan
Young Jesuit Priest – Dan Whorl
Detective Dick – Jesse Pyne
G-Man – Andy Young
Concierge – J.M. Clark
Fredrick Heirberg – Mike Davenport
Locksmith – Josh Hawkes
Stanley Goetoke – Robert Skaggs
Detective Sam – JiB
Newscaster – Andy Young
Charles Falstaff – Kevin Smith
Kenneth Baines – Francis Fernandez
Captain Thomas – Matt Fuller
Terrance McGee – Lucas Gardner
Vernon Mann – Erik Taylor
Leonard Price – Chris Hussey
Fredrick Heirberg – Mike Davenport
Mary Duey – Brandi Williams
Arthur Webb – Jason Lund

Edited by Daniel Helderman

Written and Produced by Eric Ausley

2 thoughts on “The Stygian Fragment: Call of Cthulhu Role-Play Drama”

  1. Just curious if anyone else was having the same problems downloading these full versions. I already have them saved from the GamersTable podcast, but I’d like to have the full versions too.
    Every time I try to download them they fail, and every time I try to listen to them in browser they freeze. Somehow I got managed to get the full for dragon variation to download without failing by letting the show completely load in my browser, then saving it, but it still took hours to do, and this has yet to work for either stigian fragment or tower of ape.
    Any tips, or am I just cursed to suffer from middle of nowhere rural Illinois internet?

    1. Let me check into this. I have done 2 separate download tests and, though it does take a while (15-30 min) with fast internet, it worked both times. I will also explore some alternatives to make the download easier/faster.

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