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Fire at Twin Falls: We Used to Be Friends Roleplay Drama

Welcome to Twin Falls Colorado.

Picking up the pieces after the tragic death of their friend, Clarissa Steen, the gang decides to help out a classmate whose dad is accused of arson.



Michael Waldschlager – J.P. Harris

Chris Hussey – Trap Bannon

Quinn Wilson – Andy Lam

Shannon Steele – Kitty Brinkley

Eric Ausley – Terrence Steen



Alan Sells – Bosco

Katarina Ausley – Vivian Johnson

Casey McKenzie – Hospital Administrator

Courtney Hilden – Mandy

Mike Perna – Steve Johnson

Todd Crapper – Brian Weidman

James Wiley – Party Douche

Rebecca Stormcrowe – Lexi


Script Written by Eric Ausley

Directed by Eric Ausley

Theme Music by Nicholas Murphy

Background Music by BenSound & Machinimasound

We Used to be Friends is property of Jonathan Lavallee