Savage Worlds Deluxe: Conan – Tower of the Ape



Odored – Jayson King
Mofir – Shawn King
Valacious – Mark Knapp
Renyard Durand – Mike Bridges
Madhedai – Dan Helderman
Loviisa Imeldsdatter – Shannon Steele
Roños – David Carr
Lalika – Katarina Ausley
Queen of the Red Brotherhood – Chasity Cueto
Tomar – Greg Cueto
Narrator – Eric Ausley

Written, Produced and Directed by Eric Ausley

Conan is the property of Conan Properties International.

Savage Worlds Deluxe is the property of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Music by  Basil Poledouris and Knut Avenstroup Hagen