Voice Actors Wanted

We appreciate your interest in being an actor in an upcoming production.


There are a few things that we need before you can be included casting for upcoming projects.

Audio Sample

First and foremost you will need to provide an  audio sample. This should be 30 seconds to 1 minute of you reading scripted material. You will be assessed on audio quality as well as your natural voice. Range and accents are important, but not initially essential. Format can be MP3 or WAV files. If you have a professional reel please provide the link. Otherwise, a  Dropbox /Google Drive link is fine.

Some pointers (not essential but they certainly help) in this are:

Record in a quiet area. Background noises sometimes ruin audio to the point where I can’t use it.

Mic discipline. Not everyone has a dynamic mic and mixer, nor should you unless you are truly serious about it, but being aware that “p’s” and “b’s” tend to pop when spoken into a mic and using a pop filter or mic techniques will alleviate that. Thereby making your audio more appealing. Being close to the microphone is huge. Room mics and some headphone mics make voices echo and hard for me to use.

Post recording editing. There are some good, free programs out there that can be used to edit your audio before you send it to me. This makes my job easier and I will love you for it.

About You

Secondly I will need to know some basic information so that I can match you to the right roles.

What name do you want listed when credited for your work?

What email address do you prefer I use?

What is your natural language?

What (if any) other languages do you speak?

What accents are you comfortable with?

What are your feelings on profanity or adult subject matter?


Once I have your audio and the answers to the basic information you are added to the troupe. I will contact you when a role becomes available.

Join the Troupe

Lastly. If you are on Facebook, there is an Openly Gamer Actors Facebook Group. It is where I turn to first to fill roles for my projects. Send me a friend request and I’ll add you to the group.


Thanks again for your interest.

Eric Ausley
Openly Gamer Theatre

Please provide all requested information here