Best Ways to Boost your Gaming Experience on PS4

Gone are the days when gaming meant holding a pair of controllers connected to a bulky TV set. The gaming experience on the Sony PlayStation can now be improved to satisfy the demands of even the most avid gamers.

Using a few tricks and by spending a little more, you can get to experience an upgraded PS4 experience. Here are the top ways to enhance your PS4 gaming experience:

1. SSD Over HDD for Faster Load Times

Gaming speed is at the top of every gamers mind when choosing a console to buy. While the HDD version of the PS4 is still pretty capable and can perform seamlessly, the SSD version is the most powerful and delivers the best experience to the gamer. When using an SSD PS4, there is no lag even when playing the most intensive games.

SSD is much faster than HDD since there are no moving parts. Conversely, this means that the PS4 will require less cooling when running on SDD.

2. Get a Comfortable Chair

You cannot emphasize enough the benefits of being comfortable when gaming. Gaming is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience and the best way to do that is to get a comfortable chair. The chair should be big enough and well cushioned to give you the best comfort.

Good gaming chairs are becoming cheaper by the day and are a must-have for great gaming.

3. Make the most of PS Plus

Arguably the best way to enjoy gaming, online gaming on PS Plus is one of the best ways to experience your PlayStation 4 like you have never before. Get online and play all the big names when it comes to online multi-player games.

PS Plus connects you to a community of gamers just like yourself while also giving you discounts and extra features on your favorite games.

4. PS4 Game Sharing

With so many games being stored online, it is much harder than it was in the past to share your games with your friends. The solution to this is using PS4 Game Sharing. Using this feature, you can give access to the games in your console to another PS4. You can then access this game on both consoles.

Game Sharing is great for sharing games with your friends or if you have multiple consoles.

5. 4K Ultra HD TV

Ultimately, gaming can only be enjoyed if the display is good. TV screens are now getting more and more advanced with 4K TVs now being a common thing. Using a 4K UHD TV when playing your PS4 games will give you amazing clarity and great colors.

6. Get immersed in the world of VR

The PlayStation VR may be rather expensive but is one of the cheapest VR sets you can get. When used in select games, the experience is surreal. Imagine being inside the game instead of watching it on a screen. For anyone who loves to enjoy their games, the PS4 VR is a necessity.

7. Turn on your TV with your PS4

If you find yourself gaming a lot, it occasionally gets boring when you have to switch on the TV and the PS4. To make your work much easier, you can set your TV such that it automatically goes on once you switch your console on.

This way, you can save on a few precious seconds as you get ready to enjoy your PS4.

8. Optimize your power settings

Many people who buy their PS4s simply plug them in and start playing without doing much to the settings. If you are looking to improve the performance of your PS4 and to enjoy the experience, one simple trick is to optimize the power settings.

By doing this, you are able to save on energy while still enjoying top performance.

9. Watch PlayStation Live

PlayStation Live is one way to help you enjoy your PS4 experience even more. You can watch videos and see screenshots shared by other players on this platform. This is one great place to check for tips on how to play a particular game while interacting with other players.

10. Set up a passcode

Locking your PS4 account is a smart thing to do especially if your console has different accounts. When you set up the passcode, only you can purchase items on the PS4. The passcode also keeps your account secure from prying eyes.

11. Use Remote Play on PC and Mac

Most people do not know that it is possible to play your games remotely on a PC or Mac. The PS4 remote play is great for enjoying your games even when you are away from home. Additionally, you can choose to plug in your controllers or to use wireless controllers for added convenience.

12. Transfer data from your old PS4 to your new PS4 Pro

If you have an old PS4 and are upgrading to a faster PS4 pro, you do not have to lose all your saved data. You can simply transfer the data to your new console. Using one or two LAN cables (depending on your connection), it is possible to transfer all your settings, games and saved data to your new PS4 pro.

This is the best way to seamlessly switch between consoles without losing any of your progress.

While it is enough to simply enjoy the game, using the above tricks will completely transform your regular gaming experience.