Step by Step Process on Installing an SSD to your PS4

We all know of how SSDs are much faster and generally better for gaming than HDDs. Unfortunately, PS4 and even some PS4 pros come with an HDD instead of the snappier SSD. This should not worry you in any way since Sony has made it possible to switch the hard disk on your PlayStation.

For any gamer looking to install an SSD on their PS4 and PS4 pro, here is the step by step guide on how to successfully do it.

Installing an SSD on your PS4

You will need a screwdriver, an SSD that has at least 160 GB storage capacity and two USB flash disks. On one of the flash drives, save all your game files as you will need them when you restart your PS4. If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can simply save your gaming data to the cloud.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to open up your PS4 to reveal the hard disk. To do this, press down on the top glossy side and slide the cover outwards. The cover will quickly come out, and you will see the hard disk.

Step 2: The next step is to unscrew the hard drive tray so as to access the hard disk. Once you are done, slide out the hard disk to remove it from the tray. The hard disk is usually kept in a mounting bracket which you will also have to unscrew so as to fully remove the hard disk from the system.

Step 3: After ejecting the hard disk, replace it with the new SSD that you want to install. After placing the SSD in the mounting bracket, screw it back up to tighten the SSD into place.

Step 4: Slide the mounting bracket back into position with the new drive in it. Then when in position, screw it back to the PS4´s drive tray. Finally, slide the cover back on, and you are done. When you get to this point, you are halfway through the entire process. The next part is arguably more important.

Step 5: Go online and download the latest PS4 operating system there is on the Sony website. Save the file to the unused USB flash disk. The operating system should be saved in a subfolder named ´UPDATE´ which is saved in a folder named ´PS4´. With your PS4 still powered off, mount the flash drive and press the power button for about 7 seconds until it gets into safe mode.

Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions to re-install the operating system to the PS4. When this is done, you have successfully installed the new SSD to your computer. The only remaining bit is to restore your data.

Step 7: Mount the USB with your saved data. The on your PS4 go to System> Backup and Restore> Restore PS4 to which you will be asked to select your backup file. One the process is done you can get back to playing all your favorite games without any loss of your game data.

Installing a new SSD is a really easy process, especially now that you have this guide. Using the step by step process described above, you will in no time be enjoying your great games at amazing speeds that only SSDs are capable of.